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We offer a range of HMO services, with our most popular being corporate tenancies, whereby we directly lease your property on a long-term basis. We also offer further services including property management and rent collection. In the sections below we outline our services in more detail. 

If you are an existing Landlord or are interested in entering the rental market, we would be happy to discuss your requirements further. We have significant experience working with residential property leasing and HMO lettings. Please click the link below to arrange a rental assessment.


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We offer property owners a choice of 3 different levels of service:


Corporate Tenancy Option

Our corporate tenancy solution is our main service whereby we become your tenant and lease your property directly. We will lease your property for a minimum of 5 years. This service is preferred by many of our clients that are looking for a hassle free passive income. We have several corporate contracts with large organisations so we always have a constant demand for HMO properties. We can also consider properties that do not fall into the category of HMO accommodation.      


Property Management Service

In addition to our Corporate Tenancy Option we offer a property management solution whereby we manage all aspects of the tenancy including property maintenance, safety certification and compliance, rent collection, tenancy/lease extensions and property inspections. 


Rent Collection Service

This is our most basic corporate let option whereby we will collect your rent and manage your rent accounts, including chasing outstanding rent and producing annual statements in preparation for your tax return.




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Additional Services 


Property Sourcing

We aim to help our clients achieve their investment goals by offering secure rental income on a long term basis. Therefore if you are looking to purchase a property to be put under our management, our experts are on hand to provide advice on your propsective purchase. We can offer advice on, the best locations to purchase properties and on the type of property that meets corporate standards. We will work with you to ensure you acheive the best return possible. Some of our clients are currently yielding between 7/9% returns on their investment.


Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail and one of our property consultants will be in touch. 


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